3 Things About Women's Gym Clothing That Every Retailer Should Know

  • 05:29
  • By Gym Clothes - Wholesale Workout Clothing Manufacturer

women gym clothing wholesale

Gym clothing and athleisure maybe part of a particular fashion sensibility, but, women gym clothes wholesale is very different from the standards of men and as a retailer, one should always know where they differ. When you are catering to two different sets of people with vastly different needs, this kind of knowledge becomes a necessity! Here's a look at what these indispensable differences are –

1. Women Need More Supportive Top Wear

Women's workout top wear needs a lot of support to keep them injury free in the pectoral and lower back region due to uneven distribution of bodyweight. This can easily be addressed by wearing broad strapped, full coverage, racerback sports bras that definitely make their workouts more comfortable.

2. They Need A Unibody Fit Bottom Wear

While guys workout in all kinds of gym bottom wear, women in today's diverse exercise environment need a unibody fit on their workout pants and leggings to optimize their performance in cardio, strength training, and cross fit routines. This actually helps them keep their lower body muscles tight and uniform in blood flow helping it tone better and perform better, since biologically women are more tilted towards lower body fat gain.

3. Softer Blends For More Sensitive Skin

Men have a tougher stratum corneum that makes their skin surface harder and more durable in most cases. Women on the other hand have more supple and soft skin. Therefore, retailers should make sure that their women gym wear wholesale collection is made of more organic blends of fabric that are softer and gentler on sensitive soft skin. Getting skin rashes from your workout clothing is the worst possible experience and could really push back their fitness efforts for a few weeks and that isn't what anyone would want!

As a women gym clothing wholesale retailer, it is very important that you pay heed to these disparities and bring in quality workout wear that will satisfy your female customers in terms of feel, comfort, and performance. Even while placing custom design orders with reputed manufacturers, you should opt for more sensitive blends that will provide stretch, support, and irritation free comfort!

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