What Should Men Wear To The Gym

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The number of fitness conscious women may be rising off the late but the numbers still fade in comparison to men who are the dominant target audience in the market for athletic wear and gym clothes. When you think of gym clothes for men, usually vests, shorts and a comfortable pair of sneakers come to the mind. If you have been thinking that only women's gym wear can be fashionable or trendy, you need to visit your nearest unisex gym to see just how wrong you have been.

'Athleisure' has made considerable inroads in men's fashions too and the options available for men are at par with what is available for women. The fitness lifestyle hasn't always been just about fitness, it is also about fashion and setting personal style statements and the enormous options available in the mens wholesale clothing market today are helping both the genders in redefining their gym wear attires. If you still haven't hit the gym primarily because you can't decide what to wear, here is a definitive list of some gym wear essentials for men, that can go do you no wrong.


When talking about tops that men wear to the gym, t-shirts come to mind ahead of everything else. The top should be loose enough to be comfortable during physically exerting sessions. The tops also depend on the time of the month, and cotton should do you fine during summer while synthetic can't do you any wrong during the winters. Polyester stands out among all synthetic options for its enhanced elasticity and breathability. There are a multitude of exciting options available in the mens athletic wear wholesale and retail market and there's every chance, that there's something out there which appeals to your personal fashion preferences.


Bottoms can either be shorts, sweatpants or tracksuits. Again you are not advised to choose anything randomly and only stick with something that will go down well with your workout sessions. For anything related to cardio, you can't do much wrong with shorts as long as they are fitted. There are many eye-catching alternatives always trending in the market and even though fashion depends on your personal preferences and comfort level, we advise you to stick with simpler choices. It makes you feel right at home in the gym and doesn't make it appear that you are trying to draw needless attention to yourself.


When thinking footwear, trainers are the way to go for men. Selecting the right footwear is integral to productive workout sessions since the effort remains heavily dependent on your feet in the gym. Whatever your schedule or frequency of hitting the gym, you can't go wrong with trainers. If you try and go too stingy for comfort, always remember the cheaper alternatives may end up giving you no comfort at all. Quality is never cheap and for something as integral as footwear, you're advised to spend more to get all the bang for your buck in the long-run. Not only will they last long, but it will also give you all the support and comfort that you need during your physically exerting gym sessions.


There are a couple of gym essentials without which no workout sessions can be complete. Socks may not appear as accessories for everyone but they count as one of the essentials and you're advised to get compression socks for their enhanced comfort and durability. Compression socks will compliment your selection of trainers really well and will enhance the comfort and support that you need during your workout sessions. A durable gym bag should be next on your agenda, and depending on your personal preference and requirements you can either go with backpacks or duffle bags.

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