5 Fashion Fails Men Should Avoid At The Gym In 2017

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For millions around the world, gyms have become an ultimate place to showcase their style stance and kick-start new trends. So have you been carelessly dragging yourself to the gym, everyday, without really worrying about what you're wearing, people might have already inducted you into "Hall of NO Fashion sense".

So what do you do now?

While others might tell you how to look stylish at the gym, we tell you HOW NOT TO. Here are 5 fashion fails men should avoid at the gym in 2017.

1. All White Appearance

Given you sweat a lot at the gym, it is often advised to go against white-colored wears. However, last year, in the women's scene, the trend of all-white yoga and gym appearance caught up that fashion forward ladies are still going gaga over. Sadly, all-white appearance – even if you see some bloggers recommending it – is a big fashion fail for fitness frenzy men. So never buy white mens gym wear!

2. Low Waist Pants

Low-waist leggings might look sexy on the ladies, but that's not the case with men. Low waist men's pants, joggers or trousers are a big turn-off that you should steer clear of. Not only is the look a bit tacky, but comfort-wise, they could be quite a problem when working out.

3. Anything Denim

We get it—you love denim wears (everyone does!!) and you look your best in those denim shorts, joggers and jackets. But bringing anything denim to the gym is a big fashion fail, even if you're looking good. So, sure it would be difficult but avoid wearing your favorite jeans when working out. 

4. Skin-tight Bottoms

Unless its compression wear, men are better away from skin-tight wears, especially pants. The whole look is a tad shabby and wannabe-ish, in particular if you're skinny. To that, snug-fit pare quite uncomfortable, restricting your movement and limitingthability.

5. Multi-colored Wears

Unless it's a clowns' place, stay away from colorful gym clothes men. Pairing colorful tops and bottoms might be a bold move, decent for regular outing, they just don't work well at the gym. Standard colors like black and grey, and even dark red, are yo-to variations.

These are 5 fashion fails men should stay away from at the gym. Don't try to go out of your comfort zone. Stick to the regular cheap gym clothes for men; top stores are offering many high quality-high stylish varieties, in a very affordable price range these days.

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