The Stylish Fitness Wear Trends That You Need To Know About In 2017!

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  • By Gym Clothes - Wholesale Workout Clothing Manufacturer

Last year was all about reviving the old styles- printed leggings from the 70s, jackets from the 80s and statement wear from the 90s. It was a perfect year for throwback! All the hashtag you see!  This year is going to be about perfecting the revived styles and trends. With major brands breaking the fashion industry with their revolutionary and exclusive designs, the options are going to be much wider in 2017.

Judging by the already existing styles in the pipeline for this year, of which we got a good sneak peek on the runways, here is a list that highlights all the gym clothes that you need to stock up right now before they go out of style.

The Sweatshirt That Is Oversized

It was during the last few months that the trend of wearing oversized sweatshirts and hoodies came into limelight. The idea of combining the comfortable fabric of gym clothes women with a snug fit was enough to get a number of followers on board. Since, it was about being relaxed yet looking absolutely adorable and endearing in them, their popularity was guaranteed. The exquisite prints that they featured added to their overall design, making these oversized sweatshirts a must have. 

Prints Straight From The Tropics

Keeping in mind that winter is almost on the verge of bidding us goodbye, tropical prints perfectly reflects the hotter climate. The floral prints in a variety of colours make a flawless spring outfit, which will surely be in spotlight for the rest of the year. From neon patterns to earthly textures, you will be surprised by the panache these pairs have! Gym wear for women will incorporate these prints well and will make surely boost your workout regimes. 

Flaunt Some More Skin With Sports Bra And Cut-Out Tops

Wearing cut-outs and open backs have been in style since the dawn of fashion, metaphorically speaking. Sports bras on the other hand, have been in fashion for quite a number of seasons now given the dedication people have for the athleisure trend. Good news is that these fashion pieces are going to be in vogue for at least now and will be a great pick if you are hitting the gym for an extensive session of exercise. 

Bomber Jackets Still At Large

A popular piece that was brought back to life from the 80s, bomber jackets are going to be pretty popular with the ladies this year as well. They are comfortable to wear to say the least, while adding a whole lot of sex appeal to the appearance. The ones that are crafted from silk have a better scoring opportunity with the fashionable ones for they also have the quality to absorb moist and keep you feeling fresh. Other than conventional shades, unique hues of turquoise, wine and green will also be in demand.

Gym clothes for women have undergone a lot of changes. Some of them have caught on with the fascination; they are still evolving every day. Many prominent manufacturers have gathered a vast inventory of fitness clothes for women that are stylish without sacrificing on the comfort. Retailers can buy them in bulk from manufacturers at discounted prices. 

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